BANK NIFTY FUTURE is one of the highly volatile index's of the 'National Stock Exchange' of India.The active professional trader are meant to make huge money,which is only possible in very active scripts and many scripts and their complex nature are very difficult to predict.The volatality of the individual scripts are low when we compare with the " INDEX FUTURE'S " . This what made us to choose BANK NIFTY.

One can not trade in a Choppy/Side way market.Bank Nifty is almost active in all the time.It is such a volatile index, even during a choppy market and that enhance the spirit of many trader to trade in ' Bank Nifty ' index future.There are few instituational trader who only trade in Bank Nifty and minting huge money.The Graph of BANK NIFTY One year shown above that indicates the volatality within a year, from the Low of - 3314.55 to the High - 9630.35. The total difference between the low to high is about '6316'- points in last one Year(2009).what else one need ? It is such volatile index future, where we have more opportunity to make great money.

You can also view the 2-years bank nifty graph in 'NSE' website from here:-http://www.nseindia.com/ChartApp/install/charts/mainpageall.jsp
The indian banks stocks are very strong and highly liquidable.The fundamental of our indian banks seems to be very firm among the rest of the world banks. For e.g.- During the recent past ' The Global Meltdown ' many banks of the other nations were locked-out . But, Our Indian National Banks played safe and showed their credibility to the rest of the world and that attracted many FII's to come to india . Our Indian market remains attractive for the Global investors for the years. We like to submit more facts here, for you to understand more about this Bank Nifty Future.


Article Below is the - Source From NSE Website
CNX Bank

The Indian banking Industry has been undergoing major changes, reflecting a number of underlying developments. Advancement in communication and information technology has facilitated growth in internet-banking, ATM Network, Electronic transfer of funds and quick dissemination of information. Structural reforms in the banking sector have improved the health of the banking sector. The reforms recently introduced include the enactment of the Securitization Act to step up loan recoveries, establishment of asset reconstruction companies, initiatives on improving recoveries from Non-performing Assets (NPAs) and change in the basis of income recognition has raised transparency and efficiency in the banking system. Spurt in treasury income and improvement in loan recoveries has helped Indian Banks to record better profitability. In order to have a good benchmark of the Indian banking sector, India Index Service and Product Limited (IISL) has developed the CNX Bank Index.

CNX Bank Index is an index comprised of the most liquid and large capitalised Indian Banking stocks. It provides investors and market intermediaries with a benchmark that captures the capital market performance of Indian Banks.The index will have 12 stocks from the banking sector which trade on the National Stock Exchange.

The total traded value for the last six months of CNX Bank Index stocks is approximately 96.46% of the traded value of the banking sector. CNX Bank Index stocks represent about 87.24% of the total market capitalization of the banking sector as on March 31, 2009.

The total traded value for the last six months of all the CNX Bank Index constituents is approximately 15.26% of the traded value of all stocks on the NSE. CNX Bank Index constituents represent about 7.74% of the total market capitalization as on March 31, 2009.


The index is a market capitalization weighted index with base date of January 01, 2000, indexed to a base value of 1000.

.Selection Criteria

Selection of the index set is based on the following criteria:
1.Company's market capitalisation rank in the universe should be less than 500
2.Company's turnover rank in the universe should be less than 500
3.Company's trading frequency should be at least 90% in the last six months.
4.Company should have a positive networth.
5.A company which comes out with a IPO will be eligible for inclusion in the index, if it fulfills the normal eligiblity criteria for the index for a 3 month period instead of a 6 month period.
Constituents list of CNX Bank
1.Axis Bank Ltd.
2.Bank of Baroda
3.Bank of India
4.Canara Bank
5.HDFC Bank Ltd.
6.ICICI Bank Ltd.
7.IDBI Bank Ltd.
8.Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.
9.Oriental Bank of Commerce
10.Punjab National Bank
11.State Bank of India
12.Union Bank of India

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